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An open letter to the President of the Mosquitos (from the President of Humans with Succulent Ankles)...


Attention Mosquitos...

We are not your enemy. Your enemy is the Frog. Your enemy may also be the Bat, the Bird, the Tadpole, and maybe the Dragonfly. Although the Dragonfly might be the most difficult Adversary to defeat, we the Human Race still know how to defeat the other enemies. Perhaps we can work together. If you would like to call a truce with us, the Human Race, we might be willing to enter into battle with you against all of your true adversaries. 

Think it through and let us know...


Honor Among Thieves


A priest and a prophet walk into a bar,

And belly themselves to a stool,

The priest asks the barkeep for something that's not cheap,

the barkeep just says you're a fool,

Its all about vices and devices alike,

Searching for ways to get by,

Some speak of religion and heavenly vision,

While others just build on a lie,

There's pills to come up and some to go down,

and some who don't come back at all,

Some choose the whiskey or anything risky,

To pick themselves up from a fall,

Music can help if the spirit is willing,

And words can show some few the way,

I'm just a writer not much of a fighter,

With too much of nothing to say,

So I'll slide down the bottle and fill up the glass,

Last call and then roll up the sleeves,

Rob Peter pay Paul with the back to the wall,

And preach about Honor Among Thieves...