Well he bought the ticket and he took the ride,
There were twenty dollar bills right by his side,
Tried to tell the truth but I guess he lied,
But seem like he's doing alright...
He's been around the block a time or two,
Found himself tangled up in blue,
Playing on a stage til they close at 2,
But now I guess he's doing alright...

Well the devil pulls up in a bright red car,
Says youre the kind of man that needs to play in my bar,
There's flames on the stage and a loaded tip jar,
And in there you'll be doing alright.

He's got one more show on broken strings,
Got no time to change those God damn things,
Devil's in his head every time he sings,
And I wonder where he's playing tonight...
There's a craps table standing where there should be pool,
On the stage there's a microphone beside an old stool,
Its a Hundred damn degrees so it's nice and cool,
And I guess the place doing alright...

Well the bar is called Heaven, but it's not so nice,
Yeah they traded firewater in for the ice,
There's twenty damn bouncers and loaded dice,
In Heaven's Roadhouse tonight.

Well it's snake eyes, sevens, and whatever you choose,
You roll the dice and I bet you'll lose,
Jukebox in the corner that's playing the blues,
and he'll be playing all the hits tonight...
Yeah the curtains pulled back the song began to flow,
He was singing bout life on Desolation Row,
His fedora shades his face from the spotlight glow,
And ya know that he's doing alright...

Well the place started rocking, they screamed for more,
They were knock knock knockin on heaven's door,
Goodnight, They drew the curtains and they yelled encore,
And I guess now he's doing alright.

Down At Heaven's Roadhouse tonight
With Dylan and the Devil tonight

One Bullet Left
Seen in the distance, the bastards are near,
They're coming straight for you, intentions are clear,
Shots started firing at a quarter to four,
As you drop from the window and crawl on the floor,
You grab all the guns, but now what do you do,
You've got one bullet left and they're gunning for you,
You shoot from the hip, and hit one after one,
But their numbers were growing, as dark fades the sun,
Smoke from the muzzles, is clouding the room,
Now the fire that they lit, is now more than a plume,
They burn down the front door and now they are through,
You've got one bullet left and they're coming for you,
The hound dogs are howling, with blood in their eyes,
And outside the window now only the cries,
You hear all the footsteps, their running upstairs,
The bullets break past you as guns in the air,
And now in the doorway, you know they are near,
There's no time for weakness, and no time for fear,
The doorknob is turning, they're six feet away,
Now nothing can save you, no pardon today,
You pull back the hammer, the trigger is true,
You got one bullet left and they're running for you...

If I Only Had A Heart
Glad I don't know, what it feels like to hurt,
When you're down on your knees, bound to get up with dirt,
But it's more than a feeling, more than the pain,
Just like the sunshine, comes with the rain,
Back here again, blue as a bruise, 
I guess you will win, I guess I will lose, 
More than emotion, right from the start, 
I guess it'd be broken... If I only had a heart...
Honey I'm feeling numb, see my hands start to shake,
Much like the Tin Man, never felt his heart break,
Watch me fall, on the path laid to Oz,
Never cared for the city, never cared for it's laws,
Back here again, blue as a bruise, 
I guess you will win, I guess I will lose, 
More than emotion, right from the start, 
I guess it'd be broken... If I only had a heart...

Saints and Sinners
West main street, a wave and greet, the car pulls to the center,
Turning right, and runs the light, there was the first offender,
Slam the brake, a fool to make, no reason to be jealous,
Pop the lock, and roll the rock, just slightly overzealous,
Standing there, in purple hair, and freshly drawn tattoo,
Long black dress, and nothing less, stood maiden Suzie Q,
Hit the bank, with a full tank, the triggers cock the hammer,
Without a care, just self aware, the ending is the slammer,
Suzie Q, what did you do, you lost the ammunition,
The money's gone, nothing to pawn, no only long division,
A bold attack, they left a stack, of hundred dollar bills,
They hit the door, with nothing more, a bottle full of pills,
Guns were drawn, the sites upon, ole Suzie and the driver,
Shots were fired, and thus expired, now only one survivor,
Raise a toast, the holy ghost, and all the people staring,
Left upon, was nothing on, just handcuffs she was wearing,
West main street, in the back seat, sat the only sinner,
Turning right, in broad daylight, the saints became the winner...

Chicken Run

Hundred miles an hour down a long dark road,
Nothing bu the cliffside and the rocks below,
Racing for the edge to see the last one jump,
Buzzy and Rebel's on a Chicken Run,
Jimmy was a rebel in an old red coat,
Buzz had a switchblade pointed at his throat,
Two cars stolen in the dead of night,
Now the only way to solve this was a chicken fight,
With engines revving and the fear in their eye,
Right then the dust began to fly...
Judy in the middle as the rear tires spin,
Dropping both her arms and then the race begins,
Speeding past the headlights of the cars around,
Hearing all the people cheering at the engine sound,
They were almost to the edge when Jimmy jumped from his ride,
Just in time to see his car go off the side,
But buzzy caught his jacket on his driver door,
And Buzzy was'nt lucky like he was before, 
Well Jimmy was the chicken but he still did win,
Cuz they never Buzzy or his car again...
Hundred miles an hour down a long dark road,
Nothing now but darkness where the taillights glowed...

Golden Boy 
I step aside to see
A Golden Boy in front of me
The thing I know I cannot be
And this is where they say
The Golden Boy is here to stay
And this is where I walk away
I know that you'll agree
The Golden Boy in front of me
Is better than I'll ever be
And this is where I say
This chip on my shoulder wont fucking go away
But I'll be okay... okay...

Go write another song 
Got someone to prove wrong 
Got write another song
This time it wont take long

You know I cannot be
The Golden Boy in front of me
The Golden Boy you want to see
This Fairytale has end
So watch me as I fall again
Just watch me as I fall again
Just take a look at me
The Golden Boy I'll never be
Or maybe was to some degree
But I'll put on a show
And all along they'll never know
The Golden boy they'll never know 

Did I prove you wrong 
Did i prove ya wrong 
Did I prove ya wrong
Yeah I'll prove ya wrong... Golden Boy

Blood in the Water
I spilled my blood not that you gave a damn,
and I weathered the storms of the sea,
Steady the water that moves cross the damns,
as the boat seems to sink below me,
There is no life vest to keep me afloat,
while the bow starts to dip to the right,
The blood in the waters that rise to my throat,
seem to bring all the sharks to the fight,
Grab hold the rope as I wait to go down,
as the winds and the rain they blow through,
Swept to the sea as I'm miles from the town,
Where the lighthouse once stood that I knew,
now in the water I fight for my life,
as the currents they pull me upstream,
Drowned in the waters a sudden revive,
As I gasp and I rise from the dream...

The Losers
Here’s to the losers and lemons like me,
The defeats, the deadbeats, the dark horse you see,
Where the benchwarmers sit while the winners will play,
And the broken and busted are sent castaway,
To An island of misfits and washed up debris, 
Here’s to the losers like me...
Cheers to the bridesmaids and never the bride,
All the racers that always are last to the line,
Where we're slow out the gate and a hundred to one,
And we play second fiddle in a band of just one,
Behind the 8 ball is all that you see, 
well that and the losers like me...
So quick and so nimble all the chances of time,
And we scramble and hustle to scratch just a dime,
When the roll call is made we're the last to report,
And we're always a day late and one dollar short,
Embrace your part come be a black sheep,
Just like the Losers like Me...
With a chip on our shoulder and the weight of the world,
We're the red headed step child with a head full of curls,
They talk of our legends with unbridled force,
And they blame us and shame us for causing divorce,
We have gamblers and cheaters and underachievers,
Geezers and deceivers like me

Bobby packed up his bag and he left in the fog,
Of cigarettes ashes and a scratchy analogue... that he heard
When he tried to think of what all there could be,
But the writing on the wall was too faded to see... the words
She made it too hard with a striking disguise,
To the point he was blinded and couldnt realize... as she twirled
The heart that was beating right under his chest, 
Beat louder for Daisy than all of the rest... of the girls
But He would love her still,
You only get one heart to fill...
At the end of the street there he turns to the right,
Bobby drives through the haze of the pale morning light... in his eyes
Deep down he knows that shes so far away,
Lost in the seas of the right words to say... 
She says what she wants and she shoots from the hip,
But hes not afraid to go down with the ship... so he does
Shes still in that place she may never leave,
And hes still got the mark of a fool to believe... that he does
But he would love her still, 
You only get one heart to fill...
Bobby drove through the morning of haze and the fog, 
All in his head was a scratchy analogue... that he heard
Playing a song of what all there could be, 
As the writing on the wall was too faded to see... all the words
The song about how he would love her still,  
Knowing that you only get one heart to fill...

Good Boy
I'll be a good boy
For you
Yeah I'll be a good boy
For You
I'll be tall dark and handsome, your money to ransom, it's true
Just for You
I'll be a good boy
For You
Yeah I'll be a good boy
For You 
Yeah your knight in shining armor, your country boy farmer, in blue 
Just for you
I'll be a bad boy
For You
Oh I'll be a bad boy
For You
Yeah I'll treat ya like hell, my soul I will sell, when Im through
If ya want me to,
I'll be a good boy
For you
Yeah I'll be a good boy
For you
Well I'll walk down the isle, with a ring and a smile, and say "I do"
Say "I Do"
We All Sang Along
Barlights and beer dreams
A fish in a pond
And you see her in the corner as the band plays a song
Friends they all tell you
Just take a chance
So you build up some courage and ask her to dance
Now you walk to the dancefloor
It starts with a waltz
The hardwood was covered with haybails and salts
As you pull her in closer your fears are all gone...
As the band plays the chorus we all sang along
Lost in the moment
Hold her so close
And the breath that your sharing's like the scent of a rose
So ya glide to the rhythm
Every step is the same
And the spotlight shines on you like they knew you were fame
As you sway on the dancefloor
The band plays a waltz
You move on the floor through the haybails and salts
As her hand touches your hand the lights they come on...
As the band plays the chorus we all sang along
Now it's closing up time
time to drink up and go
but youre still on the dancefloor with the one that you know
You hold on so tight
As she stares up at you
And as her hand's holding your hand then she kisses you
As you walk off the dancefloor
It ends with a waltz
All that is left are the haybails and salts
And the next light you see is the crack of the dawn...
As the band plays the chorus we all sang along

Well his name is Lucky, so that's how it goes, 
It's time to wake up, but he cant smell the rose,                                What started as tailwinds in his face it now blows,
His wininng is losing, no point in refusing,
So that's how it goes
Lucky's his label...
Lucky's his name...                
Like all the bad boys, on the wrong side of the train
...Ah Lucky's his name
Lucky wont ever be the bell of the ball,
When they sing his praises he cant hear the call,
He lives on the edge though you know he will fall,
The end is ill fated, to win's overrated,
With no chance at all
Lucky's his label...
Lucky's his name...
Like all the shadows, one step from the fame
...Lucky's his name
He cant catch a break, He's playing the odds,
he prays for forgiveness but hes cursed by the Gods,
If stormclouds were forming well he'd be the rod,
His dice they are rolling, but there's no controlling,
Against the odds
Lucky's my label...
Lucky's my name...
Like all the losers, keep playing the game
...Oh Lucky's my name