One Bullet Left - cd release part July 30th

The Roses are extremely excited to announce the release of our fourth record, 
One Bullet Left!

CD release party at the mighty Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, Tx on 
July 30th.

And we're bringing two of Fort Worth's baddest assed bands along with us for 
what is sure to be an epic party... 
Holy Moly and Mills and Co. 
JacQuelyn Darlene kicks the night off.

We cannot wait to boogie with you all...

"This is one of the most cinematic records I have heard"

"One Bullet Left; the acclaimed fourth record from Redwine and Roses, set to release 
in July of 2016. Listening to One Bullet Left is like watching your favorite 
Western. It's intense. It's gritty. It's emotional. It's raw and exciting. 
It's a book you can't put down. And I've only heard three songs."

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